Off the Grid” is a survival game and yet so much more! Combining a couple of different game genres within one game, Off the Grid caters to a much wider gaming audience.

“Off the Grid” will be an open world, but infused into the game will be plenty of opportunities if one chooses, to tackle mission objectives and goals that will be sure to challenge and test you. We have also incorporated different game elements into the game for you to solve and use to your advantage.

“Off the Grid” is truly different from what is out there and the whole team hopes you will all be as excited as we are about its release.


Imagine a world where over the past twenty years nature has reclaimed all that man held up as a monument of their accomplishments, which now lies in ruins.

Only the memory of those still alive from a time long forgotten can remember how great we had once become. Far removed from what exists today, you would hardly give a thought to the remnants of the framework that once supported a city that now lies beneath a forest.

For the first time in recorded history the largest X-class coronal mass ejection (CME) reached out to earth directly on the Sun-Earth line and sent us all back into the dark ages on a global scale. Not only did it take out all power grids, but corroded all the oil and gas pipelines as well. Satellites and planes fell to the earth causing destruction and wildfires throughout the urban centers and the remote areas.

Anarchy ensued, looting was out of control and many were killed in the chaos. Law and order no longer prevailed, rather a self-imposed justice and power grabs would fill the void. Those who could not thrive in this new world of brutality, became targets, from which the thugs would take from those who would not or could not fight back to keep what little they had.

Starvation would become the reaper of many, as disease soon followed and ravished the malnourished. So many on a global scale all at once, took a real toll on those who survived. So many bodies could not be disposed of, causing plague to sweep through all populations of the world.

Wild beasts soon fed on the carcasses of our dead. Man was now seen for the first time as a natural prey to the predators in the wild.

Those who were victimized and weak took to the shadows, going to the underground by day to keep out of sight and only surfacing by night to rummage for subsistence. Over time they simply lost all traces of their humanity, reverting to a more wild and animalistic pack mentality. Feeding hoards now made sure you were the one preyed upon, making the city too dangerous to venture into at night.

Those of us who were left and kept our sanity and wits about us… Survived!